The Story Behind SchoolBzz

Created for Parents by Parents


The vision behind SchoolBzz was created five years ago when our founder was in graduate school. Juggling four kids, a career and business classes, she was overwhelmed trying to keep up with what was happening at her childrens’ schools.

Between teachers, the principal, coaches and club leaders – she had over 32 educators trying to communicate with her on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. And everyone was using a different tool to communicate – classroom websites, email newsletters, messaging apps, tons of email – and the list goes on.

She started missing important announcements and key events. Her kids were upset and she was getting really frustrated. So she set out to see if other parents had similar frustrations and made this the focus of her feasibility study in graduate school.

For an entire year, our founder focused on understanding the needs of families – conducting surveys, holding focus groups, talking to anyone that wanted to provide input. And what did she find? The majority of parents didn’t know what was happening at their child’s school. They want to be involved but they don’t know how.

Technology can be great when used effectively. But think about its impact on our schools today – everyone is using a different tool to communicate with families. And what’s the result? Overwhelmed and frustrated parents. They’re disconnected.

In 2016, our founder graduated with her feasibility study in hand and she set out on a mission to help parents access the tools and resources they needed to confidently prepare their children for success in school and life beyond the classroom.

Fast forward to 2020! As we approached the much anticipated SXSW EDU conference, our team was excited to show off our new SchoolBzz Alexa skill, adding to our portfolio of solutions for parent engagement. Yet as we all know, events around the globe came to a grinding halt in March with the escalating health crisis, and schools across the country began to close.

We saw many school districts move to remote learning programs, and we watched teachers scour the Internet for the best learning resources to share with their students. As parents, we recognized the challenge of balancing work and home life and the added responsibility of educating children from home.

This is how SchoolBzz Daily began. Our goal is to give parents the support they need at home – education resources, parenting tips and links to current facts about the crisis, with a little humor along the way.

We hope you’ll join us and contribute to the conversations. To learn more about our team, visit our corporate website Hive Digital Minds.