COVID-19 Response

Offering a one year free trial of our SchoolBzz Parent App to K12 school and district leaders.

These last few weeks have been nothing short of wild as we watch our current health crisis impact everyone, everywhere around the world. Our hearts go out to every parent worried about a loved one, every teacher concerned about their students, every business worried about maintaining daily operations and every community being forced to take extreme measures to keep their residents safe.

Parent Support

As parents, we recognize the challenge of balancing work and home life as many schools around the country begin to close. We empathize with all of you as we try to find the right words to explain what is happening to our children and to be calm in the face of the unknown. 

With many schools moving to a remote learning program, we’re gathering resources and best practices to support you through this journey. Visit our SchoolBzz Parent Resources page for a list of some great education websites, products and other sources of information to help you stay connected and support your child at home.

You can also sign up for SchoolBzz Daily – our email newsletter which shares parenting tips, remote learning resources and a little humor along the way. It’s free and delivered to your inbox each afternoon.

Our partners at are offering a free hotline with information and tutoring services to support families impacted by school closures.

School & District Support

Our team has been collaborating with K12 school leaders on their school communication and parent engagement strategies for over 15 years.

Have a Question?

Our Professional Services team is available to support you at no charge. From communication strategies to software implementation questions and training programs, we understand the challenges your parents are facing and we are committed to ensuring you have the support and resources you need to keep your families connected.

Looking for a Communication Solution?

SchoolBzz offers a portfolio of services to help keep your families connected:

  • SchoolBzz Parent App – allows school leaders and teachers to push messages to families in their preferred language. Supports Google Classroom and Schoology integration for assignment updates. We are waiving all licensing fees of our SchoolBzz Parent App through June 2021.
  • SchoolBzz Townhall – hold a virtual telephone townhall with all families in your school district. A great way to share important updates and solicit questions from the parents in your community.
  • SchoolBzz Alexa – broadcast daily announcements to any Alexa-enabled device. This product is currently in beta. Limited availability.

To learn more about our K12 School Solutions, visit our SchoolBzz Solutions page or contact us today at 800.213.8915 ext 1 or email

Thank You

Let us not forget, while many of us are wiping the dust off old board games and reviving some long overdue family time, we must recognize the individuals that continue to show up at work every day to help us through these tough times. We are incredibly grateful to the healthcare workers, public safety officers, educators and other individuals who continue to protect and serve us each day. Thank you!