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SchoolBzz Daily is an email newsletter for busy parents delivered to your inbox each afternoon. We share educational resources, parenting tips, dinner table topics and a little humor along the way.

SchoolBzz Daily launched March 17, 2020, during the global health crisis. As parents, we recognize the challenge of balancing your work and personal life and the added responsibility of educating children from home. We hope you’ll join us and contribute to the conversations.

As we continue to grow, your feedback is extremely valuable to us and we’d love to hear from you! You can email us at connect@schoolbzz.com.


Table Talk

A new question or fun fact every day. Intended to be a conversation starter with your child – at the dinner table, in the car or while you’re tucking your child into bed.


Education in Action

What are our children learning in school and how does this apply to the real world? We’ve created a different topic theme every day –

  • Monday – character education and teaching our children to be good citizens
  • Tuesday – what it means to have an entrepreneurial mindset (one of our founder’s favorite topics!)
  • Wednesday – back to basics with core knowledge, covering a wide range of liberal arts topics
  • Thursday – STEM and specifically highlighting careers in this field so our children can begin to dream about opportunities that push the boundaries of today’s professions
  • Friday – all things creative, from problem solving skills to art projects


Ask Bizzy! Remote Learning 101

With many schools moving to remote learning programs, we’re gathering resources and best practices to support you through this journey. Our goal is to provide a variety of support options – whether this is supplemental to the program provided by your school or an initiative you are tackling on your own.

You can also visit our SchoolBzz Parent Resources page for a list of education resources and special promotions. We’ll continue to update this list frequently.

Have a question? Ak Bizzy Bee! Email us at bizzy@schoolbzz.com or follow us on Facebook.


Health and Wellness Buzz

Our focus is on “facts not fiction” with a little inspiration along the way. During our current health crisis we will continue to share the most relevant like from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.


You Can’t Bee Serious

We can all use a bit of humor in our day. We hope you enjoy these quotes, stories and parenting hacks – submitted by our parent community.


Buzzin’ With Gratitude

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