Why can’t I find SchoolBzz in the app store or Google play?

SchoolBzz is a web responsive app which means it runs in your browser, so there is nothing to download from the app stores. There are several advantages to starting with a web app:

  • Accessible anywhere – it can run on your phone, tablet and desktop/laptop computer. All you need is a browser.
  • Cost effective – allows us to develop our product on one operating system (the browser) which is important during our startup phase
  • Easier maintenance – new features can be quickly added and pushed to users without having to manage updates for multiple iOS and Android devices.

With that being said, one of our top requests from parents is a “native” app for their iOS or Android phones. Our development team is currently scoping this out, and additional details will be released this fall.

Do I have to use a gmail account to sign-in?

Yes. SchoolBzz uses Google Sign-In, a secure authentication system that allows users to signin with an existing Google or Gmail account.

How do I know what channels to follow?

Channels should be followed for every class, team or group in which your child participates. This includes:

  • Classes, reading/math groups and specials – this list is available in your student information system
  • Teams or sports
  • Clubs or groups
  • School channel – managed by the front office
  • Large schools might also have a Principal channel for specific updates.

Each school has a published “Channel Guide” on their SchoolBzz page. You can access this page by clicking the SchoolBzz link from your school website.

How do I see the channels I am following?

Every school has an icon in the top left corner of a user’s message feed. Click this to bring the channel menu over and see a list of all channels you are following. You can click a specific channel name to see messages relevant to that channel only. The Recent Messages feed aggregates all messages across all the channels you follow.

How do I get the school icon on my phone?

SchoolBzz is a web responsive app, so you can add an icon to your mobile device by clicking “Save/Add to Homescreen” in your browser. The school icon will load if you save the “Recent Messages” feed to your homescreen. On desktop, you can simply bookmark this page for quick access.

Will I get notified when a teacher posts a new message?

Currently, we do not have push notifications enabled for parents. However, we recognize this (along with native app) are the top 2 requests from parents. We are currently scoping out how to best implement push notifications for messages within our responsive web environment.

In the meantime, if you have saved the school icon to your mobile phone, you can check for new messages in just a few seconds. The school icon, when saved, allows you to jump directly to the Recent Messages feed in SchoolBzz. Messages are always loaded with most recent message at the top of the list.

Where do I find class syllabus and assignments?

Static classroom information like syllabus, schedules are accessible on individual Class Profile pages. These are accessible from your school website (if you have a “Classrooms” link) or from your school’s SchoolBzz page (click SchoolBzz from your school website).

Phase 2 of SchoolBzz (this fall) will integrate the Class Profiles within the messaging app, so you can easily “jump” between your message feed and static classroom information.

Where do I find grades and missing assignments?

Information specific to an individual student can be found in your school’s student information system (e.g. Infinite Campus). SchoolBzz is a parent communications platform, and we do not store any individual student information within our platform.

Have a Question?

If you have additional questions not addressed on our FAQ, email support@schoolbzz.com.