Take Parent Communication Beyond Email

As we head back to school this year, having a simple process to share daily updates with families is critical. How do your teachers ensure parents have the information they need to support their children at home?

Introducing SchoolBzz for Google Classroom

SchoolBzz is the easiest way to keep parents in the loop. Teachers love our seamless integration with Google Classroom because it simplifies their daily workflow. And parents can manage their entire experience from our SchoolBzz App including class subscriptions, notifications and language preferences. Take parent communication beyond email with SchoolBzz for Google Classroom.

Saves Time

Eliminates redundancies by turning Google Classroom into a communications tool. Messages and assignments are automatically pushed to parents in SchoolBzz – no additional apps for teachers to manage.

No Training Required

Set up SchoolBzz anytime. Our parent app pulls information directly from Google Classroom, so there’s no training required and your teachers can stay focused on what matters most.

Multi-Language Support

Parents personalize their experience in SchoolBzz allowing them to receive daily class updates and assignment summaries in their preferred language.

Sign Up Today!

SchoolBzz is about simplicity and we are committed to helping your teachers keep parents in the loop without changing their daily workflow. To request a product brochure, email info@schoolbzz.com or call 800.213.8915.